Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

Four noble truths

Eightfold path

Five Precepts







When you visit a Buddhist temple, you should consider the following,

- Take off your shoes before you enter the temple

- Bow three times in front of the Buddha in the temple

- Bow like 3 times to the monks, to show them respect

- Be quiet and listen when the monks speaks, hold your hands together when you speak to the monks

- With white clothes you show respect for the Buddha and the monks, make sure that the clothes are respectable.

- Women, avoid touching the monks, for it is not permitted for a monk to touch a woman. Affects their meditation negative.

- Men, avoid touching the nuns, for it is not permitted for a nun to touch a man. Affects their meditation negative.

- Do not touch the food until all monks have received food



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