Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama)

Four noble truths

Eightfold path

Five Precepts







In our temples you meet well educated monks that follow Lord Buddhas original teachings, Theravada. Today's Thai organization, the Sangha was founded in 1902 and consists of two traditions (Nikayas).

Maha Nikaya - The origin. Founded in Thailand in the 400's.

Dhammayuttika Nikaya (Thammayut) - Founded 1833 by Prince Mongkut

Dhammakaya - Maha Nikaya-branch. Founded 1916 av Phra Monkolthepmuni

The monks from Thailand are very dedicated and they all want to help you to learn more about Buddhism, Karma and Meditation.

It doesn't matter which temple you choose, you know by your heart when the temple fore fill your desires. Welcome to start your voyage to learn about your inner self



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